They deserve to be supported

To survive as an Independent fashion designer, you need an amazing amount of determination. Without the support network of a big brand to get products ready for market is no easy feat. The result is those that make it, produce something special and worth investing in.


You know what you are getting

When you make a purchase from an independent fashion designer, you know exactly where the garment is coming from and how it has been produced. There is no complicated supply chain to understand and the profits will go to where they are most needed, to support more designs and innovation.


You get a unique design

When you purchase something from an independent designer it is likely to be unique and probably a limited edition as Independent designers don’t usually get involved in mass production, what you are getting is part of a small batch of exclusive designs


You may get something adventurous

Independent designers don’t have to work within the constraints of factory production and corporate strategy therefore the designs they come up with could not only be unique but also adventurous, innovative and edgy.