5 Good Reasons we support Independent Fashion Designers

At the African Fashion Awards, we want to champion the Independent Fashion Designers out there in African Fashion. The amount of hard work, dedication and sheer drive to get started and noticed should not go without the recognition these designers deserve.

You get a unique design

When you purchase something from an independent designer it is likely to be unique and probably a limited edition as Independent designers don’t usually get involved in mass production, what…

You may get something adventurous

Independent designers don’t have to work within the constraints of factory production and corporate strategy therefore the designs they come up with could not only be unique but also adventurous,…

You are supporting the grass roots of the Industry

By supporting an independent fashion designer, you are supporting the eco-system of the industry. The fashion industry needs new ideas and talent coming up from the grass roots. If we…

You know what you are getting

When you make a purchase from an independent fashion designer, you know exactly where the garment is coming from and how it has been produced. There is no complicated supply…

They deserve to be supported

To survive as an Independent fashion designer, you need an amazing amount of determination. Without the support network of a big brand to get products ready for market is no…

Transparency of who you are buying from

When you buy a mass-produced item, you have little knowledge or connection to the person on the other end making it. In fact, the anonymity hides a complex web of international factories and supply chains. Independent brands on the other hand often rely on smaller, family owned cooperatives or factories to produce their collections. Without the required volumes and financial resources to make upfront down payments, they simply cannot work with anyone else.

Such partners often set their own labor and cost standards, ensuring fair-trade practices while maintaining quality craftsmanship. It also means as a consumer that you are able to enquire directly with the brand about who made the collection and where. Such affinity should help drive more responsible practices and it is no surprise that brands are not shy about leveraging it as a key selling point of their brand.

Independent designers stand for something

Independent designers are never afraid to have an authentic and powerful narrative that is core to their brand and existence. Independent brands can often articulate clearly the reasons and motivations why they do what they do since the brand is a personal reflection of the designers closely held beliefs and values. Without the benefit of a large brand, standing for something is also an important and much needed point of differentiation. Whether it is expressing a strikingly original creative vision, or supporting sustainability or ethnical causes for example, it are independent brands that stand for something to stand out.