Winners 2022

Outstanding Achievement Award

Mohamed Benchellal is a Dutch-Moroccan fashion designer, coutrier, and founder of the womenswear label; Benchellal. His work is characterized by voluminous silhouettes and sculptural cuts. Playing with the concept of complementary opposites, his designs are both classical and contemporary, whimsical yet precise, lavish yet monochrome and glamorous yet sustainable.
Mohamed Benchellal was born in the Netherlands to Moroccan parents; who immigrated to the Netherlands in the late sixties. His fascination with fashion began at a young age, as he was often
surrounded by fabric and the sounds of industrial sewing machines, within the textile workplace of his grandparent’s home. His upbringing instilled a hard-working do-it-yourself approach to life. He soon began experimenting himself, taking apart his clothes and reconstructing them into new creations.

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Distinguished Recognition for Contribution to African Fashion

Dr Christine Checinska is a British artist, designer, curator & storyteller. Her work explores the relationship between cloth, culture and race.
Her PhD, Colonizin’ in Reverse! (Goldsmiths, London, 2009), examines the impact of creolised Caribbean culture on English male dress, and questions the relative absence of culturally diverse voices within Global North fashion and textiles studies. Through such work she invokes an interconnected and equitable art and design world where Black creativity, with all its nuances and contradictions, is nurtured and respected.

Accessory Designer of the Year


Knots UK

Matthew Eluwande

Yaa Yaa London

Imranibrahim Couture

Menswear Designer of the Year


No Tribe Clothing

Kabiru Abu

Anthonys London

Anderson Rodrigue


Womenswear Designer of the Year


kiwi & Yam

Peul H Vagabond

Ohema Ohene

The House Of RG

Makeup Artist of the Year


Painted By Porsh

Adamma Kenneth Beauty

Jacquina Mamua

Lizzie Slayss

Bespoke/Custom Tailor of the Year


A.T.K Fashion House

Tehilah fashion house

Elidys Couture

101 clothing brand

Fashion Photographer of the Year


Amanda Akhokia

Shae Shepherd Photography

Adama Jalloh

Official Gracie


Bridal Designer of the Year


Ornate Bridal

House Of Eliora

Naomi Deru

Felisiti Greis

Model of the Year



Richard Awuni Sakora

Aminata Dabo

Henriqueta Helena Pedro Mendes