African Fashion Awards

The African Fashion Awards was established to celebrate and honour the immense talent of African fashion designers, makeup artist, fashion photographers and models throughout the African fashion world.

The aim of the awards is to shine a spotlight onto the most promising African fashion creatives. Especially creatives whose full potential has been thus far unrealized.

Model collage


The vision of the AFA is to raise the profile of African Fashion in the Global Fashion Industry ensuring African Fashion Creatives is featured and considered as a serious contributor in the global marketplace.

The media buzz surrounding African fashion has never been louder or more exciting than it is right now. We are increasingly seeing African influences not only on glittering catwalks around the world, but also in the designs of popular high street stores and boutiques.

Our vision is to see this trend grow and showcase African Fashion Creatives to take on their global ambitions. The platform we are creating is designed to increase brand awareness for these Creatives and highlight the potential African fashion has to offer.