Terms and Conditions

1. Acceptance

These Terms and conditions refer to the African Fashion Awards (AFA) website/websites . By using this website, you accept our terms and conditions and abide by them. Please be informed that these terms and conditions can be changed from time to time without sending any prior intimation, and you agree to accept those changes as well.

The agreement between AFA and you will be based on these terms and conditions only and will be terminated if you breach them. The termination will happen with immediate effects. Your right to utilize the website or the termination will be without any prejudice to any right that AFA may have against you if there is any breach.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

Every material available on the AFA website, which is not limited to still images, illustrations, logos, designs, audio clips, data, video, text, and other proprietary rights and intellectual property, is protected by the database trademark and copyright. Our information must not be used for marketing purposes; however, one may use it for non-commercial, informational, and educational viewing purposes.

You are permitted to use our material for personal usage only. Please keep in mind that all the materials available on this website belong to the AFA.

If any intellectual property rights owners can notice that the website has not adequately identified them, please contact us so that AFA can make the necessary corrections and also display adequate notices.

3. Disclaimer

Our website may contain some information which won’t be suitable for people who are not 18 years of age and over. If people below 18 years visit our site and view unsuitable material, which is not meant for them, AFA will take no responsibility for such cases.

AFA makes no promise that our site will meet everyone’s requirements and that the site will be completely error-free or uninterrupted. The site will undergo some updates from time to time, and no notice will be provided to anyone. AFA won’t take liability to any third party or you.

How fast or quickly the site loads will mostly depend on your internet connection. AFA won’t be responsible for any technical problems of any sort if you experience the website. We don’t offer any guarantee or warranty; please be informed about that. There might be some technical issues related to the use of the internet, but the user must bear it.

You agree and understand that AFA will not be held responsible for any incidental damages caused to you or a third party.

4. How We Use Information?

The information that AFA collect is done to show you the right product and services you are interested in and other offerings that AFA offer. Some of the information, such as email and post information, are important to communicate and engage with you better about the services ordered and delivered, along with the proper billing and provisioning of any service. If we find that disclosing personal information is essential, we may share contact or reveal indent to bring legal action against any individual, company, or third party for endangering public safety.

5. How Do We Collect Information?

We collect information online, for example, when you sign up on our website for different services. Some information that are essential for us to collect are telephone numbers, addresses, and the customer’s name. Please note that other information may or may not be required for internal use. However, no information gets shared with any third party, and neither we sell our customers’ information.

6. Password Protected/Secure Area Access

Access to password-protected areas of the AFA website will be provided to authorized users only. If any unauthorized person or party tries to access it, strict legal action will be taken.

7. Termination

Access to any of the services to our site could be terminated with or without any cause. In case of termination, it will be accompanied through electronic notice or written notice. AFA will not be held responsible for that. Once someone is sent a termination notice, that person, company, or third party will be prohibited entirely from using the website and its services and products.

8. Internet and Data Abuse

AFA is completely against website and internet abuse. If we find any of our website users sending unsolicited and unwelcome emails to any of the members of the AFA, strict action will be taken. You are not authorized to do marketing using any of our products, images, and content without our permission.

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