Taiwo Meghoma

Taiwo Meghoma is a fashion consultant and designer. He has collaborated with fashion designers in Europe and Africa. As a celebrity fashion consultant , He has dressed many artist, film stars, Oscar winning directors for the Oscars in Los Angeles, film directors for the BAFTAs in London and corporate CEOs all over the globe.

Taiwo was also fashion PR director for Nigerian fashion house , david wej in London on a consultancy role .

In 2019, He was appointed by the Embassy of Nigeria in Berlin as Co-director of the 1st Nigeria cultural Day event Berlin, showcasing the rich culture and fashion of the Nigerian people.

He is a well travelled executive who is consulting  at Milan , London and New York Fashion weeks.

Taiwo also guest lectures  on  branding at universities like London metropolitan university, UK  and Riseba university Riga , Latvia .

He is one of the founding members and first president of the Lagos coral chambers  in Nigeria and also awarded the highest honour as senator of the junior chambers international in Missouri, USA .

In June , 2021,  Taiwo got into partnership with designer Ilario Espisito  to make bespoke Neapolitan tailoring to clients all over the globe.