Michael Burgess

Michael Burgess - African Fashion Awards 2021 judge

Co-founder and Director of Creative Resilience International, truly lives an intersectional life: a vehement advocate for social justice and inclusion for People of Colour, he advises on ethical practices in fashion and is a keen advocate for socio-economic and environmental sustainability.
Michael’s shrewd business acumen allows him to successfully navigate multiple disciplines and industries offering a unique perspective in cultivating creative potential, upskilling, upscaling and sustainable commercial efficacy in Arts, Culture & Fashion.
His passion for culture, creativity and community strengthening, coupled with excellent negotiating and networking skills are attributed to his extraordinary transnational upbringing and diverse professional history. Over the past 10 years his roles have included; Director of Business Development and Partnership – Africa Fashion Week London UK Ltd; Programmes & Operations Manager – the Africa Centre; Creative Mentor and Coach; and Senior (Cultural) Diplomatic Officer for the Belize Government. He was also a professional dancer with an international career for over 25 years.Holding several degrees and a number of professional qualifications. His passion is elevating others to elevate others.